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Audi - Truth in Engineering
Audi eNewsletter for September 2012
Featured in this issue The rare, all-new RS 5 is here The Audi Q5 gets a facelift for 2013 New S models unleash power and performance Audi - Truth in Engineering

The rare RS 5 is here – arrival of the fittest

With a limited number of models in production, the rarity of the Audi RS 5 promises to add to its allure. From its distinct roar to its dynamic styling – everything is designed for performance. The powerful 4.2-liter engine unleashes 450 hp, while Audi quattro® all-wheel drive harnesses that power, helping bond you to the road like never before. Add in features like an RS sport suspension for flatter cornering and greater grip, and Fine Nappa leather-covered sport seats, and you have a vehicle that’s about to leave all competitors in the dust.

Discover the prowess of the Audi RS 5
New S models unleash power and performance
Any moment can be exhilarating, but the Audi S models set out to heighten every moment. Race-engineered, their power, aggressive style and performance-infused design create vehicles that are anything but mild-mannered. The newest S models – Audi S6 and S7 at 420 hp, and the S8 at 520 hp – deliver a combination of exhilaration and uncompromised luxury that defines the essence of Audi.

See all of our Audi Sport vehicles
See all of our Audi Sport vehicles
The Audi Q5 gets a facelift for 2013
It still has that unmistakable Audi profile, but this Q5 is different. For 2013, the Audi Q5 features an entirely redesigned front end, including the grille and headlamps, as well as a refreshed look at the rear of the vehicle. Add in new features like the new hybrid engine, the available Audi adaptive cruise control, start-stop efficiency system on 3.0T and hybrid models, and a new 3.0-liter V6 engine, and this Audi Q5 distinguishes itself from every other SUV on the road.

View the new look of the Audi Q5
View the new look of the Audi Q5
From the racetrack to the road
In 2011, race driver Benoît Tréluyer made an incredible outside pass of the Peugeot car in the late stages to win the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. The short-form documentary series Audi RS “Moments of Truth” highlights this and other exhilarating moments where innovation and risk-taking impact performance through technology our vehicles use every day. Each film showcases interviews with the driver and engineers to show how what we learn on the track, we use on the road.

Experience the Moments of Truth
Audi RS Moments of Truth

New from the Audi collection
Get big sound from a little speaker.
At Audi, we know that power comes in all shapes and sizes, like this compact BLUETOOTH® portable speaker emblazoned with the Audi Sport® logo. Small but extremely powerful, this mini speaker utilizes BLUETOOTH technology to connect wirelessly to most mobile devices, so you can hear its sharp, crisp sound anywhere you want to go. And now get 10% off any purchase from the Audi collection.1

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